Welcome to Canada’s Happiness Headquarters!!!

Reboot how you think, feel, connect, live AND do your business!!!

a wonderland of human innovation, inspiration AND vision…

We are a personal and professional guide and catalyst, for Happy insight, education and innovation. We know the cost of a ‘lack of Happy’ and we also know the many proven benefits, of Happiness. Cho2go captures, what is ‘intangibly-perceived’, to fruitfully  improve lives and businesses.

In business, they say the ‘smart’ guys build during the downturns, to plan and prepare, for brighter gains, in the future. The psyche of our nation, was in the toilet, pre-covid… NOW, is the ideal time for people and businesses, to regroup, rebuild and realign, through self-love, self-growth,  self-empowerment AND people connection. With CHO2go, YOU prosper – energetically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially AND physically – all at the comfort, and convenience, of your private setting and schedule

Taking a page, from our highly-esteemed leaders, we know that taking ‘a little’ from everybody, is extremely rewarding and powerful. At Cho2go, we dedicate, the majority of our profits, to in-need people, causes and innovative, go-green technologies. We are attracted, to the ‘little guys’ and to those ‘diamonds-in-rough’, who have yet to be seen and/or acknowledged. We are keen on any-sized project that positively contributes, to a difference or to our mission.

Our Mission

To proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase Canada’s Gross National Happiness.

Come Fund Me… and I will very quickly show you, how we ‘Blow at High Dough’; how we make a difference; AND how we guide success, through Love, laughter and dreaming, again…

What is a CHO?

 Chief Happiness Officer

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’

 Come Fund Me and INVEST in YOUR Happy future…


In order to alleviate 3% transaction fees to credit carriers, we accept $$$ direct deposits, only. Also include your location (optional) so we can scope our travel map, accordingly!!! Cho2go will Happily report it’s evolution and performance, once we get started.

I am so sincerely appreciative of your support, in helping me, to launch, my Happy organization. I look forward to doubling your donation, as soon as possible, keeping in  mind that even the best venture, comes with uncontrollable, unforeseen risks… look at covid!!!  

Send your $$$ dineros, with Love, to:


Why Come fund me?

Come Fund Me and invest in YOUR Happy Future!!! 

Cho2go is a ‘movement’, dedicated to Happy people and Happy business. It takes advantage of what, we know, to ’flip the lens’ on how we live and how we do our business. Come fund me and together, we will create a Happiness wave, that collectively benefits, ALL, right across Canada!!! Come fund me and we will unravel, all the glowing positives! 

Cho2go is for the wellness of people, the planet, our animals and our Universe. Logistically, it is most effective, for us to seek, our seed money, through people! In addition, to our need for dollars, people are an ‘untapped’ energy source, that will, collectively:

1) solidify a strong, go-forward foundation; AND

2) ensure a fun-filled, historical launch, of Canada’s first annual HAT Happiness Awareness Tour, and thus, the official launch of Cho2go; AND

3) seamlessly provide the underlying fuel and sustenance, for Cho2go’s ongoing Happy business and initiatives.

Despite my Happy ‘empire’ and second-to-none experience, I am still regarded as  an organic, ‘intangibly-perceived’ start-up, when it comes to the investor pools. Seeking seed dollars, with a ‘hat-in-hand’ storyline, takes just too much of the profits, which is serious, when you consider our conservative, low-risk, annual targets of $300+++ million, in profits!!!

I have spent years, of real, on-the-ground learning, feeling, living, observing and experiencing, the Happy offerings, I have so passionately, sweat for and created! I have what it takes, for us to come together and make a Happy difference, but I have been so focused, I have absolutely no exposure or following! I am a very big thinker, with a very big vision, so any organic grow, would be extremely hard, on my psyche. Plus, we would miss $$$ millions! I REALLY, REALLY need your help and Love, to officially kick-off, what we can do, together. To learn, more, ‘About Me’, go to CHO Intel…  

In honour, of YOU, I am proud to present, Happiness, as more than a feeling and more like an innate intelligence. In appreciation, of your support, I will be capping my call for seed money. That way, if you Come Fund Me, whether you donate, $1 or thousands, I will return your donation,  two-fold (yup – that’s double!), as soon as Cho2go, is in a profit position. This is a ‘win-win’ offering, that will quickly benefit, all parties. Please know that I am also most Happy, to be transparent and accountable!

Come Fund Me and commencing May, 2021 (our program, is covid-friendly, of course), we will be ‘hitting the road’, to spread, more Happiness, in our province, and coast-to-coast, right across Canada. The amount of seed money, we raise and the source of the donation, will depict how long we are gone and where we will get to. We hope to visit all 10 provinces and all 3 territories! As we travel, we will empower people and businesses! Come Fund Me, now and proudly become an official, founding CHO Chief Happiness Officer, for Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness.

I encourage you, to crawl around our website, to understand our Happy mindset and offerings! Cho2go, is the ‘first and only kind’ of corporation, that we can all foster, embrace, grow and prosper, through… a fresh, new portal for paving fresh, new ideas, paths, perspectives, potentials and parallels. 

I whole-heartedly, thank YOU, in advance, for your Love, support and belief, in me. I look forward, to making a difference in your life and business!

Cheri Nichol

What will we do with the $100k seed money?

Come fund me and our dollars will be used to fund our first annual HAT Happiness Awareness Tour, which will also officially launch the Cho2go initiatives. We are targeting, $100,000 and all funds, raised, will go towards multiple travel destinations – estimating 2-4 days per location:

  • a small support staff: driver, social media/website, videographer; musicians; 
  • travel costs – vehicle rental, gas; 
  • meals and accommodations;
  • performance of final website tweaks and polished product displays; 
  • final editing/completion of final video.

*Remember, each dollar you donate, will be returned to you, two-fold, once we are generating profits.*


In order to alleviate 3% transaction fees to credit carriers, we accept $$$ direct deposits, only. Also include your location (optional) so we can scope our travel map, accordingly!!! Cho2go will Happily report it’s evolution and performance, once we get started.

I am so sincerely appreciative of your support, in helping me, to launch, my Happy organization. I look forward to doubling your donation, as soon as possible, keeping in  mind that even the best venture, comes with uncontrollable, unforeseen risks… look at covid!!!  

Send your $$$ dineros, with Love, to:


How will Your Funds $$$ make a difference?

I want to put my ideal ‘footprint’, into fruitful, on-the-ground action!!! Every dollar I raise, will go towards the first annual ‘HAT’ Happiness Awareness Tour. Commencing in May, 2021 (covid-friendly, of course), we will hit the road, in our province, and go coast-to-coast, across Canada. Come Fund Me and we can travel to all 10 provinces and the 3 territories. The amount of seed money, we raise and the source of the donation, will depict how long we are gone and where we will get to. 

We look forward to spreading, the Happiness, in your community. Each destination, we visit, will benefit in many aspects:

  • bring more long-lasting joy, to communities;
  • educate people, to take advantage of the many proven benefits, of Happiness, individually and at-mass in organizations;
  • , that will be heard and responded to;
  • raise on-the-spot dollars $$$, for communities and causes;
  • leave communities with solid, tangible go-forwards;
  • give people a get-real voice and measure, report and respond, to what we gain, by listening;
  • formally track, year to year, how we positively affect Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness. This is a long-term initiative, that keeps on giving and growing!!!
Our Motivators

A special tribute…

Our forefathers/mothers sacrificed their spirits, for OUR freedom and Happiness. The polished passing of a fresh, new baton… a brand-new palette, poised for perfection and experience. After one generation of building, toiling and ‘progressing’, we wrap in blankets of fear, anger, sadness, confusion and disconnection. 

The road, so bravely paved and travelled, sheds light to a better promised land and a brighter path, to follow. Here, one-by-one and together, we lovingly march, to the hearts of the matters, for the Happiness of our nation and the nurturing of our marbles!!!

In loving support…

Many people are living, too externally-driven. Cho2go is a guide and catalyst, for creating YOUR Happier groove, in a busy, hectic society. Consciously focusing, on Happiness, puts your likes, preferences, perspectives and priorities, into your lime light, for a review, reboot and rebalance. Here, YOU can proactively reduce your lack of happy and potentially contribute, to relieving some of the strain of our heavily-burdened medical professionals and system.

Our 'Sick and Tireds'

Social, a dirty word… how did social, grow into such a dirty word, when no idea or business will ever realize it’s true potential intil it realizes the true potential of it’s people?

We are flat, void of slick suits, fancy ties, pompous titles and in-debt bank accounts. We are down-to-earth not dazzled, by falsehoods and  slippery images…  we are purely driven by passion, purpose and making our greatest difference!

Here, we come together, to ‘loosen the noose’, for freedom and unity. Here, we do not penalize the 90%, for the 10% of poor offenders.

Cho2go shares the majority of it’s profits AND we proudly give, without the need, for flash or cameras! Our dough, flows, directly, to the cause,  without any costly, drawn-out processes!

NO NO NO… simply NO!!! Sick of the  fear, anxiety, rudeness, angry birds, haters, liars, cheaters or judgers. No tags, titles, labels, useless cost-layers; ineffective rules, regulations, procedures, policies; gaps in salaries; and us/them mentalities.

The willingness to settle for just those rare, fleeting moments of Happiness, when living Happy is exactly what we are wired for?!!

dementia, alzheimers – now, household names????… I don’t think so!!!

‘It is what it is’??? – that’s ridiculous!!! Here, life still changes in a second, if YOU want it to!

Sick of feeling ‘lost’… here, feeling lost is going back to rare and NO longer, common!

Cho2go Happiness Offerings 

We dish the positives, through a robust, unparalleled blend of knowledge, on-the-ground experience AND logic! We succeed, through performance models, bridges, umbrellas, footprints, powerful product lines and heart-felt contests! We have… happy culture footprints, happiness questionnaires, career opportunities, revenue pods AND entrepreneur/mentorships! We also have awareness tours, effective make-money projects AND very attractive image and branding packages… gosh, we even have a CHO language!!! If you want to sponsor, donate or invest, please do not pass, over us! There are A LOT of places, to plug-in and make a difference!!!

Happiness Questionnaire

Happiness Questionnaire 

GNH Gross National Happiness

Your participation in our Cho2go Happiness Questionnaire, enables individuals, to identify solid, progressive action-paths, for achieving greater Happiness, in all aspects of their lives. It also facilitates the tangible gathering, recording and measuring, of Happiness information, to track the positive impact we are able to create, on Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness. One-by-one and together, we celebrate our differences, to progress and churn more of the positives!!!

CHO2go is the official Bench marker, for affecting and tangibly measuring, Happiness, in our nation.

Find the joy in measuring your personal and/ or business performance, monthly, quarterly, annually… or whenever. Take the Cho2go HQ, on a regular basis, so you can know, for sure, if you are Happily progressing. Join the synergy of a Happier, collective whole. This is Happy power, in numbers… at it’s Happiest!!! $10 for individuals.


Corporate – Are your people Happy? Do you really know the pulse of your people? What a way to proactively arrest and enhance your business before you bear the high-costs of employee disengagement or turnover. Cho2go’s proprietary HQ uniquely identifies tangible, go-forward opportunities for attracting, motivating and keeping your people Happy and loyal. You can establish a Happiness equilibrium that you can measure and compare, whenever it suits you. Cho2go can assist you in the process, or you can manage and maintain it, independently. It’s a perfect, cost-effective portal, and opportunity, for your people to express their honesty, in a safe, anonymous environment. It is also a perfect solution and compliment, to the ESG initiatives.

For corporations, pricing varies based on volume. Flexibility, in gathering, measuring, management and reporting. 

Understanding the pulse in your organization, is a proactive cost-saver. Check this out… 

https://business.financialpost.com/telecom/shaw-to-take-450-million-hit-from-workforce-cuts-after-3300-employees-accept-buyout … 

Shaw to take $450-million hit after 3,300 employees accept buyout — far above original estimate of 650…


CHO Employment

Cho2go offers part/full-time CHO Sales opportunities and a full-blown CHO Entrepreneurial program, for those wanting to build and nurture, a long-term business. We will also be seeking support resources, for our 1st annual HAT Tour, commencing May 1, 2021.

Send your resume, to info@cho2go.ca or contact 403-818-9890

Put YOUR Happy into full-blown action!!!…

Canada needs a CHO Character!!!

enter the contest...

Canada needs a CHO character to represent the GNH Gross National Happiness, in our nation. Bringing the CHO to life, as a physical character, is not just for kids… it draws fun for all ages! It could be your moment to shine and make a long-lasting difference… a true classic add to the winner’s image AND legacy!!!

Contest guidelines:

  • only $10.00 per entry
  • see ‘what is a CHO?’
  • happy, colourful, positive
  • simple, easy to replicate
  • create from your heart, with passion
  • must feel free to rip roar your impressions, imaginations and illustrations!

Show us what ya got!!!

  • contest winner to receive 50% of the total entry $$$ collected 
  • closes: March 31, 2021
  • reveal date: May 1, 2021
  • winner selected, by panel. 

Do NOT miss this one-time opportunity to  fuel your Happy-go-lucky spirit and and put it into Happy, nostalgiac action. Submit your entry, now, to:


Calling all writers/musicians… we need a Happy Song!

get details...

Canada needs a Happy song! Send us what you got! No need for expensive fussing… we always stay open, for that ‘diamond-in-the-rough’, grassroots writer/player who creates from the heart and feels little thrill, from having to market! We’ve got your back and we are most Happy, to listen to you!

CONTACT: info@cho2go.ca

‘Success is no longer the key to Happiness;
Happiness is the key to success!!!’
Let YOUR creative juices, roar!!!

Use CHO2go as an alternative marketing outlet!!!… share your talents and expressions.

If you have an original, Happy, go-green product, that you would like exposed, further, we would love to help you spread the goodness! Here is how we assist in the promotion of your art and imagination…

Product descriptions – if you have the need, or even just a desire, to switch up your description, CHO2go is most Happy to provide a creative writing option.

Online orders & distribution – logically, we leave your product distribution, up to you. Having CHO2go, as a middle man, would only add time, dollars and slow the smooth of your delivery process.

So what’s the cost for this marketing additive? Zippo, zilch… nada… absolutely nothing!!! This is a glowing CHO2go Cherry! So… let the juices flow and express yourself, through us!!!


Share YOUR Happy Story

Spin the Love… spread the Happy… warm some hearts and feed the synergy… share your Happy story…


Imagine a Happy person…

Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization…

Then, imagine many Happy organizations in our nation…

Now, together, we are making a difference to our GNH Gross National Happiness!

At Cho2go, our minds are wide-open but our brains never fall out!!!