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a wonderland of Happy human innovation, inspiration, perspective AND vision…

Cho2go is a down-to-earth, state-of-the-art space, for living Happier and doing better business. Happiness is more than a feeling and more like an innate intelligence and we take Happy, tangible advantage of it. We have given our Spirits to build our surroundings… now, it’s time to thrive from the inside! 

We assist individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses and organizations, in tangibly realizing, the many proven benefits of ‘Happiness’. Actually, we are more like a Happiness movement due to all the it’s needs and benefits!!! See all the Happy needs and benefits… 

Through edCHOcation and a unique blend of proven intelligences, we ‘flip the lens’ on how we live and how we do our business. Here, we empower people to establish a solid, Happy foundation and to find their Happy groove in our busy chaotic landscape. In organizations, we create Happy productive collectives to benefit from the power of Happy synergies. One-by-one or together, YOU can ‘tap’, this ‘intangibly-perceived’ asset, called ‘Happiness’. 

With people, we’ve barely scratched the surface, let alone drilled down to the true riches and resources and no organization will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people. In the spirit of our humanity, we are creating a next Happy wave of innovation and progress. We are a ‘first and only-ever kind’ of venture, to mainstream what truly drives all of us! We have designed a comprehensive, convenient, affordable, one-stop shop, for capturing many Happy positives. 

Our Mission

To proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness.
C H O – Chief Happiness Officer

Our Happy Service Portfolio

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’
CHO Sales/Entrepreneurs

Become a founding master CHO and represent Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness!

Cho2go offers part/full-time CHO Sales opportunities and a full-blown CHO Entrepreneurial program, for those wanting to build and nurture, a long-term business. Here, everybody thrives,  emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically and financially!!!

We offer unlimited earning and growth potential plus a whole host of fruitful incentives.

To get started, send your resume, to info@cho2go.ca 

Imagine a Happy person…
then, imagine many Happy people in an organization…
then, imagine many Happy organizations in our nation…
Now, together, we are making a BIG Happy difference