Welcome to Canada’s Happiness Headquarters!!!

Reboot how you think, feel, connect, live AND do your business!!!

a wonderland of Happy human innovation, inspiration, perspective AND vision…

Our Mission
To proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness.

Cho2go is a down-to-earth, state-of-the-art space, for living and working, Happier. We are a personal, and professional, guide and catalyst, for individuals, families and organizations, seeking to realize, the many proven benefits of ‘Happiness’. One-by-one and together, we, raise the vibe, of this ‘intangibly-perceived’, ‘untapped’ asset and in the process… seamlessly spike, Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness!!!

Subscribing as a Cho2go Happy Head, truly makes a difference! We know Happiness, is private, personal and subjective. Here, you are able to regroup and rejuvenate, in your own private setting, at your own pace and convenience. Typically, you might go to a gym to lose weight or get physically fit. Cho2go, is your online gateway, to self-love, self-growth, self-empowerment and connection. This is a growth playground, for your spirit, family and business! 

We also harness, Happiness, at mass, in families and organizations, to fast-track, your fiscal performance, and our goals, to reduce the fear, confusion, depression, stress, anger, etc.. Consciously focusing on Happiness, proactively reduces mental health issues. Embracing Happy, at mass, takes advantage of the Happier power, in numbers, to improve lives, fast-track goals and stuff bank accounts!!!

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’

We know the psyche of our nation, is in the toilet and the future of our wellness, is truly on, an unprecedented, overwhelming table. We also know the high costs of a ‘lack of Happy’… mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, energetically AND financially! Finally, it is imperatively about the people! Cho2go, is dedicated to spiritual progress and people coming together, to hone all the positives, so that ‘feeling lost’ returns, to rare, and is no longer, common. 

Our forefathers/mothers, sacrificed lives, for our freedom and Happiness and after just one generation, of building, toiling and ‘progress’, it seems that, now, we may have to consciously connect, in the march for our marbles!!! CHo2go, delightfully flips the lens, to realign priorities, passions and perspectives, so people can think, feel, live, love, laugh AND do better, business.

‘Success is no longer the key to Happiness;

Happiness is the key to success!!!’

Seeking to feel and live, Happy, is a true common denominator and finding your Happier, groove, helps you and all of us! Luckily, Happiness is more than a feeling and more like an innate intelligence and where there are negatives, there are always positives! By design, Happiness, is a resonating strength and power, that really is, magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation!!! 

C H O – Chief Happiness Officer

If you are ready to get-real, grow, evolve AND make a difference, in your life or business, join our Cho2go family, to help us spread more, Happy! We offer Happy, spiritual art; unique, interactive, step-by-step workshops and sessions; Happy culture footprints and passionate performance models, for individuals seeking fruitful, short or long-term careers.


Cho2go offers part/full-time CHO Sales opportunities and a full-blown CHO Entrepreneurial program, for those wanting to build and nurture, a long-term business. 

Send your resume, to info@cho2go.ca or contact 403-818-9890

Imagine a Happy person…
Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization…
Then, imagine many Happy organizations in our nation…
Now, together, we are spiking, our GNH Gross National Happiness!