Our evolve of CHO2go Intel

Here, we dish all the proven positives… 

here, you don’t need dough to rise… the ingredients are in and around YOU!!!

here, we drive performance through the passion of people…

we even have a CHO Language!!!…

CHO2go is a melting-pot of strategies, knowledge, logic AND experience!!! Proudly, we are the first AND only, leading guide AND catalyst, to truly derive, non-typical, non-conventional and non-traditional gains, from multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, power sources AND transcend, the blend, into a powerhouse of unparalleled, unleashed value!!!

It might sound complicated but it’s actually, just the opposite!!! Here, YOU empower your natural talents, strengths and motivators, to live happier and do better business.

Here, we are way past the dawning of understanding and into the Age of Aquarius… now… is CHOtally about, the people!!! We have made space, for Industrialization… now, it’s time for the  ‘woohoo’. Here, ‘new-age’ is as old, as ice-cream and here… we make a difference, serving mindsets, through heart strings… aaahhh!!!

Change starts with courage and awareness. With people, change often shakes, to an awakening. We know that a lot, of mental health issues, are due to a ‘lack of happy’ and can be proactively and naturally, avoided, if we just flip the lens, reboot and use more of the knowledge.

We empower individuals, families AND businesses, through a diverse, robust portfolio, of services, solutions and products. What we offer, will twirl your toque and knock your socks off!!! We are very ESG compatible and don’t even think, we are anything socialist! Our action plans, paths and parallels, create motivation, confidence and engagement, to power people and businesses towards even greater riches and prosperities.

reap the ‘fruits’ of YOUR passion…

Intellectual Intelligences

innate… emotional… mental… energetic… spiritual… business AND product intelligences.

CHO Portals and Parallels

we break all the borders, boundaries and dimensions… 

any aspect, angle AND avenue!!!

Here, it’s about getting it right for the people, the planet, our animals and our business. It’s real… it’s about the science of humanity AND energy medicine:

  • basic psychology; 
  • proven metaphysical laws and energies; and
  • widely-accepted, mainstream spirituality principles; and
  • top-quality business practices; and
  • mediums: happiness, spirituality, energies, love, laughter, music, dance, and then some; see needs and benefits; and
  • gobs and gobs of on-the-ground, real-life experiences, challenges, lessons, failures and successes. 

Universal Laws

  • positive power of numbers
  • metaphysical laws and energies;
  • Laws of Attraction; 
  • The 3rd Law of Motion;
  • Law of Diminishing Returns;
  • Happiness is magnetic, contagious… subject to many degrees of separation


Our assets, solutions AND strategies, make such a happy difference, we consider them CHO2go Intel!!!


Happy product lines…

empowerment models…

song AND character contests…

happy culture footprints…

happiness questionnaires… career opportunities…

revenue pods for earning fat, steady incomes AND…

entrepreneur/mentorships for those who really want to indulge their skills, flourish financially AND create your personal legacy!!!…

giving steady $$$ to in-need causes

$$$ awareness tours… 

effective make-money projects AND… 

very attractive image and branding packages, if you want to sponsor, donate or invest, in us…

Gosh… we even have a CHO language!!! 

GNH Gross National Happiness

Your participation in our CHO2go Happiness Questionnaire, enables us to gather and tangibly measure, the positive impact we are able to create, with respect to Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness. One-by-one and together, we celebrate our differences and progress, churning MORE of the positives!!!

CHO2go is the official Bench marker, for affecting and tangibly measuring, Happiness, in our nation.

Happiness is more than a feeling and

more like an innate intelligence!!!

We know it’s a lot, to wrap… A LOT of value, ALL under one umbrella…

so please, please call us on any or all of it, at…


Catalystic Actions

  • bridging gaps;
  • opening hearts;
  • polishing mindets;
  • turning negatives into positives; 
  • turning intangibles into tangibles; 
  • turning pain into power; 
  • turning losses into profits; 
  • turning failures into successes;  
  • AND turning dreams into realities.

CHO2go Purpose and Passion

Our forefathers/mothers fought and died for our freedom. Now, our medical professionals are fighting to uphold the plight of the ‘progress’.

First, we beat to our own rhythm and drum… for power, courage and sustenance!

Then, we blend our differences and march, together, to save our marbles!!!

CHO Mediums

love… honesty… authenticity… courage…

music… laugher… dance

Our Claim for Fame…

… is what YOU accomplish through our teachings and initiatives… click here >>>


Seize the knowledge… breath the power!!!

indulge in our CHO Language…

CHOnation…  ManifesCHO…  UCHOpia…  EdCHOcational…  CHOzen  CHOtally!…  CHOconnect…  CHO Cherries…  CHO2GO…  giganCHOus…  CHO Cool…  CHO is where the heart is… ‘I got CHO back’…