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Proceeds dedication

A portion of all proceeds, from our Cho2go product offerings, will be dedicated to post-recovery individuals; families of post-recovery; and/or any diamond-in-the-rough individuals, with ideas and motivation, but no financial power, support, knowledge or know-how, to spin their dreams, into reality. Assisting in the recovery of loss, associated with addiction, is our way, of proactively promoting clean, Happy living; easing it for families; and reducing the strain, on our medical professionals and system.

Customized Visual Happiness Journeys

Happy Intuitive Art

I design visual Happiness Journeys, to subliminally stimulate, positive energy streams, in your mind, body, space and business. This is a personalized, customized service, that combines, Feng shui, intuition and energy flows, to capture your Happy, in your environment.

Happily adorn your walls, hallways, kitchens and guest rooms – factor your character, logo or families. Delight in the decor of flowing forward… this is a space, for you, to effortlessly direct your power, up the joy and pump your image!!!

*Ideal for individuals, families and organizations.*

Customize your name in an original art print!!!

more… Happy Intuitive Art

Imagine, filling out a fast questionairre, that provides a few of your character attributes, perks and preferences and having it all, uniquely, designed around your name, astrology and Feng shui attributes.  I can do, an 8.5×11 print, in your favorite colours or you can transform it, into your own,  colour-it-yourself doodle-art, from a black and white original print, version.

It’s great, for kids and therapeutic for adults! You can do it by yourself or together, as a group or family.

If you want to blow, things up, as an organization, I can do an original 16×20 print and include, your logo, mission, etc. and  even customized, feng shui features. 

Individuals/families: only $29; organizations: only $99


Product dynamics

5×7 cards; 8×8 or 8×11 art prints; and even colour-it-yourself doodle-arts. An evolving art series, spiritually and intuitively created, to power your day and keep you aligned and connected. Each piece is a heartfelt portal, open to subjective interpretation and perception… subtle indicators and rocking go-forwards, should you choose, to pay attention, in any given moment! Great for yourself or as a gift, for another!

black and whites… a splash of colour… add a little humour…

even a zodiac or mandala…

Calling all the ‘diamonds-in-the-rough’…

We also accept, and encourage, any artist, seeking to market their Happy ‘wares’, to use our space, keeping in mind, we are very fresh and organic. We do not charge, for marketing. We are hopeful, you will donate, just a small portion of your proceeds, to our Cho pot. If not, sharing your visuals, is fine too! To best serve, all, we only accept online money transfers, in order to reduce unnecessary, 3rd party cost layers.

Check out our Zodiac Zoo… 

Available in 5×7 blank greeting card – $6.99, 8.5×11 art print – 1/100 limited signed edition – $11.99. Each astrological sign, comes with a fun, astrological summary and each print embeds, the astrological symbols, of those that are  most, compatible.