CHO2go Teachings and Workshops

we teach self-empowerment, communication and connection…

Join us in taking advantage of all the powerful positives!!!

Welcome to the CHO2go family!!!People are the energy of the future… and we have barely the skimmed the surface!!! Here, you can drill through all your pent up wonder, to capture all of your cherished positives! 

CHO2go, is your calling for self-empowerment, communication AND connection. Here, we cleverly integrate the science of humanity, energy medicine AND the widely-accepted mainstream of spirituality, into an intriguing array of business, technology AND people teachings, that we strategically feed through our proprietary, step-by-step Performance Model.  

Can you imagine having the ability to readily up your performance, through a convenient, on-the-spot stream of credible, content-rich knowledge, motivators, interactive tools AND solid, go-forward action paths… all, right at your fingertips… for just a low monthly cost of only $29.00? A fruitful fusion of innate intelligences, strategies, vision AND real, on-the-ground experience, to enable you to unleash all your talents, strengths and motivators AND make a difference while you’re at it!!!  

Embroil yourself in our wealth of CHO2go Teachings and Workshops, below, AND CHO2go Intel and logic… 

WE, are THE one and only  service provider, to professionally change lives through Love, Laughter, Logic AND Happiness!!!

tap into a fresh, new light, level AND realm of consciousness… a  natural hotbed of ready-to-go, human value!!!

our teachings allow you to take what you’ve learned and put it into real, live action! See ‘Sample CHO2go Teachings and Workshops’, below

thought-provoking… inspirational… educational… value-added… powerful… dynamic… robust… efficient… affordable… reliable… down-to-earth… relative… rockin’ and real!!!

Sample CHO2go Teachings and Workshops

‘We style our experience to offer you an experience in style’

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’

Individual and Corporate

  • Plant your dream seeds
  • Bring your bucket list to life!
  • Create the perfect business plan
  • Let’s talk about teenage life!!!
  • Comedy & Laughter
  • Healing through music & dance
  • Making space for change
  • Resolving conflict
  • People Communications 101
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Embracing your intuition
  • Energy 101 – Harness your Power!
  • Feng Shui – individual – 1/2 day session
  • Let’s talk about Love AND your ideal mate!
  • Spirituality has hit the mainstream!!!
  • Happiness 101 – Flow With Your CHO – individual
  • Are you a Happy thinker?
  • Are you attracting your best Happy?
  • Connecting with your totem animals
  • Capture your nostalgia through legacy


  • Fast-tracking goals and successes
  • Streamline your business to faster, greater profits
  • Workplace etiquette and professionalism
  • How effective is your technology?
  • AI 101 – Are you really ready?
  • Leadership is a contact sport!!!
  • Happiness 101 – Go With Your CHO – corporate
  • Harnessing the positive, in your people, planning AND environment
  • Adapting a Happy Culture footprint – 1/2 day session
  • Feng Shui – corporate – 1/2 day session
simple, easy subscribing

Joining the CHO2go family, is fast and easy, for individuals, families and businesses. Getting started, is just a simple 2-step process:

Step 1 – Confirmation of your email id, to initiate your CHO2go connection and for future communication purposes.

Step 2 – The set-up of a monthly direct deposit, be it a monthly online transfer or credit card. We prefer the trnasfer, to avoid payment of credit card fees.

That’s all we require to start the flow of your monthly positives. Now, you’re ready to grow, connect, and make a difference.

What can you expect as a CHO2go subscriber?

With the CHO2go Performance model, monthly subscribers can always rely on tangible value. Each monthly subscriber, will receive 2 new teachings and 2 follow-up reflection sessions, via podcast and online video streamlining. Each session is 45-60 minutes and each new teaching, represents a part of our greater step-by-step Performance model.

To further solidify the goodness, 2 independent assignments are also relayed… always fun, playful, low-stress and often interactive. They are never invasive, labour-intensive, difficult or boring!!! We want you to want to follow up and it’s our job to keep it happening!!!

Monthly Subscriptions

Here’s how we beCHO,  the value… 

2 New CHO2go Teachings
Available bi-weekly. See below,  for sample CHO2go Teachings and Workshops; AND

2 CHO2go Assignments
Bring to life, what you’ve learned and spend the next week, independently, or within a group, exploring your new-found empowerment, according to your realm and reasoning; AND

2 Reflection Sessions
After a week of sinking and playing, you will be excited to share your week’s reflections. Here, you can share, discuss and/or observe views, perceptions and experiences, and continue to grow, with your CHO2go family.


*Only $29.00/month = $348.00/year, for individuals, families;

*Only $40.00/month/person = $480.00/yr./person, for organizations 

*Sell just 3 or 4 monthly subscriptions and grow, for free!!!

*WOW!!! $8.00 of your monthly subscriptipn, automatically  goes to an in-need person, group, cause, idea or inititiative, of your choice!!!.


As a CHO2go subscriber, YOU can soar, well beyond your potential, if YOU are willing to polish your own attitude, assets and virtues. Here, YOU are able to comfortably explore and expand, your strengths, motivators and potentials, at your pace, place and pleasure. 

Having spent a whole generation, building, toiling and ‘progressing’, how did being lost, slide from rare to common and why should we settle into fear, anxiety, aggression, depression and/or segregation, when there’s so much fuel, left inside of us??? Our teachings, re-spark dreams AND re-address passions, to revamp lives AND re-charge businesses. PLUS… just by subscribing, you effortlessly and seamlessly contribute to our mission, to up, Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness!!! There are just so many  positive streams of value!!!

Professional  Pizzazz Prowess Power AND  Polish…

So much more for the CHO2go subscriber…

Professional  Pizzazz Prowess Power AND  Polish… at your convenience!

Customer Expectations
  1. Any CHO2go subscriber willing to: 
  1. invest 4 hours per month, of quality, edCHOcational time, live, online; and
  2. commit to the suggested follow-up of fun strategies and practices; and
  3. complete, even just a portion of the CHO2go teachings

…can fully expect to achieve optimum results, from the CHO2go New Age Performance model, both personally and professionally… tangibly and intangibly.

Like anything in life, consistency commitment and accountability, yield rewards. Adding authenticity, takes it way over the moon, in whatever shape, ship or capacity, you say it is!!!

Subscription Cancellation

CHO2go membership cancellation, is on-the-spot and easy-to-terminate. All we request, is a quick confirmation, via email. Of course, we hope you will be happy to provide any feedback… people are how we grow and how we keep making a difference.

Customer FAQ's

What if you have to miss a live session or can not attend the allotted video scheduling? No problem. Our teachings can be independently accessed, anytime, from our CHO2go Library. committing to staying caught up with an evolving CHO2GO Customer Team?



Commitment to Customer

Of course, it’s up to CHO2go to ensure it’s customers are always Happily served and overly-satisfied. We are in the business of dreams and livelihoods and everything we do, is for YOU, personally and professionally. As the leading service provider of new age intelligence, our focus is always on value, efficiency and performance. 

The success of our model, is based on YOU Happily achieving YOUR goals and wanting to refer us, to others. We are dedicated to the Happiness of our customers, the positive growth of our CHO’s and our overall ability, to positively affect Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness, one-by-one and collectively.