who am I?… what have I accomplished?

Canada’s Queen of Happiness

I reveal it as more than just a feeling & more like an innate intelligence
I inspire smiles, styles, business & balance sheets
I push the chaos & the busy into flowing & positive
I am the one-stop shop… the ultimate catalyst for deriving value out of the joy of things
All my efforts, products & offerings, are dedicated to upping Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness 
My solutions assist individuals & organizations

T r u t h s   &   B r a g s 

‘I style my experience to offer you an experience in style.’

So far… I have had a very fruitful, fulfilling career, in Oil & Gas, IT AND service. After evolving into a full-blown, work-a-holic (then, the-in addiction, buzzing entrepreneurs and leaders), I made a decision to change my life. My son had already left home and my daughter was starting junior high school. I already knew, what I might miss. Consulting, independently, was a most ideal choice, at that stage in my life.

No way could I have ever have known, the dark, gruelling decade, that would play out, ahead of me, both personally and professionally. An endless maze of unparalleled struggles and strains, resulting from loss, sickness, family addiction, adversities, shocks and hardships… a persistent plethora of perplexing challenges, that despite me being an extrovert, would almost slide me right down the rabbit hole! How I wrote my book, is well beyond any comprehension!… I am so very grateful! 

As the negative abound in my personal life, the oil patch began it’s long, descending, economic dive, into unprecedented, unchartered waters. I completed my projects and did not seek anything new. I even turned work down. Somehow, my practice, settled into a handful of executive mentoring clients, which eventually trickled out, due to their retirements. After all my ‘faking it, to make it’, I found myself 100% alone, left to handle things. I was virtually inept, at pursuing work or creating new contacts. 

My story is way too long, to flow through these pages. The last 8 years, have been a costly, gruelling ‘add’, to my education and experience. For me, I truly had to lose it all, to really make, me… my greatest. My journey is lonely and loving. … an uninvited trip, in self-awareness, self-growth and self-empowerment … one that took me from feast to famine, in almost every aspect – all behind the scenes… all below the radar… isolating is NOT a healthy plan for anybody!!!

CHO2go is everything I am and everything I ever plan, to be, in my professional life. It reflects my passion for the people, the planet, the animals and our business. My focus is, energy medicine and the science of humanity and my power mediums, are Love, Laughter, Authenticity and Happiness. I groove-on, rebooting lives and businesses, to create better, brighter portals and gateways. I have humbly evolved, to the catalyst and the mentor, for creating tangible gains through enlightenment, empowerment and livelihood.

Fast-track your performance by taking advantage of my dynamic background and experience… 


I am an idea person and I love pushing the envelope when it comes to business! I have been gifted with two phenomenal careers in two highly-competitive industries, and as an entrepreneur and investor, I have experienced the highs and lows of many risky spaces. 

During the first 12 years of my corporate career, I climbed the corporate ladders of oil & gas companies. In 1990, I joined the technology craze and spent 6+ years designing, implementing and marketing oil & gas software solutions, at two of the ‘big six’ accounting firms, Coopers & Lybrand and Ernst & Young. When EY exited the software business, I forged ahead to grow my own multi-million dollar management consulting company. As a leading, second-to-none service provider, I served over 125 N.A. Oil & Gas and IT corporations and employed over 350 individuals, my forte being, mergers and acquisitions; business planning and management; asset integration, software design, implementations and conversions; and change and people management.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve participated in the purchase and development of 9 inner-city properties, and marketed and promoted 17 music concerts. I was also fortunate to be briefly mentored, by a leading sports motivator/author and speaker, from the UK, and spent 3 seasons, exploring non-traditional, motivational techniques, for amateur hockey and soccer sports teams. For 25+ years, I have studied, as a student and practitioner, under the teachings, guidance and mentoring, of Feng Shui Master, Mr. David Lai. I am also an acute intuitive.

Happiness… I am an author and a writer!!! I first encountered GNH Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Spain, in 2004. Though originally founded in Bhutan, in 1978, it was the UK who really began shedding light, and traction, to GNH.the research, notions, concepts, benefits, and opportunities, of GNH. Governments were coming to realize that the emotional state of a population really does have impact on a country’s health and performance.

By 2004, I, myself, was noticing an emotional shift in the overall happiness of the vast cross-section of Baby Boomers, and post-Baby Boomers, I was serving. I could visibly see that, in addition to aging, our personal strive for wealth and stature, was gradually taking it’s toll on individuals, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Interestingly, over the decades, Canada’s wealth per capita has rapidly accelerated yet there’s been very little gain in the overall happiness of the people. Today, our mental health professionals are predicting we will all experience some sort of severe mental health ‘issue’, in our lifetimes. 

I’ve written my book, Flow With Your CHO, to guide individuals and organizations in realizing the many proactive, proven and tangible, benefits of happiness. I make a difference by helping to proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase the GNH, in a nation. 

Our forefathers fought for our freedom to live happy and now we may have to march for our spirits. Happiness is more than just a feeling and more like an innate intelligence and success is no longer the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success!!! Time to relish in the fruits of our labour and enjoy this new promised land that we’ve toiled to deliver.

So… who am I?… what can I do?…

I am a leader, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, an author, a writer, a consultant, intuitive guide and a catalyst. What I have stepped through, both professionally and personally, is vast, diverse and very unparalleled. I am also a dichotomy of a science-brain and a woohoo! In entertainment, I might be regarded as more than a triple threat, however, in business, there is no such comparable because being a generalist AND a specialist, in business management, technology, people, woohoo AND service, is basically unheard of… there really are no candidates!!! My offerings are fruitful, organic, powerful, timeless, definitely heartfelt AND totally unheard of!!! It’s a lot, so please call me on all of it!!!

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